Makeup is bad for our skin?

Makeup is our integral part of our beauty routine. So is makeup really bad for our skin? The answer of it is always not clear and depends on the person, the product they normally use and their skin type.



With various number of cosmetic products available, most of the people do not even know where and how to start with makeup. Whether is fragrance free, organic, hypoallergenic, paraben free, non-comedogenic or natural, what does all this mean? Are they any better?

The makeup term generally depicts the cosmetics groups which used for beautification. Other cosmetics products are used to treat, cleanse and protect skin and hair. Nowadays, we frequently see all-in-one products in a package such as CC creams or BB creams, that combine makeup with other ingredients. This provides theĀ  skin benefits and sun protection. It may helps those who has problematic skin if they reduce the total number of products but it may complicate things for some.


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